The 2K Days Project
The 2K Days Project
Mina Raver

What World Could We Build If We Focus On Change for 2K Days?

What we do in the next 5 years will determine if we survive the following 50. We're making it count.

This is the truth: a dedicated community, an actionable plan, and a clear, meaningful timeframe, is all we need to change everything. 

And that's really good news, because

We have worked so hard for change...

Visionaries, activists, for-purpose and justice entrepreneurs: We have tried everything! 

We’ve tried organizing. We’ve tried protesting. We’ve tried supporting candidates for political office and we’ve even tried being politicians ourselves. We’ve been teachers, we’ve been ministers, we’ve been shouting our commitments to change everywhere from podium, to rooftop, to picket line.
We’ve begun to wonder if change is even possible, if hope is warranted….

I’m here to tell you, it is. 

Change is not only possible, it is inevitable. 

And together, we can direct what happens, when it happens, and how it serves us.

A dedicated community, an actionable plan, and a meaningful timeframe is all we need to change everything.


We have tried being patient.

And now there's no time left to wait...

The greatest minds in science predict that we still need another 100 years to reach our potential as an energy-neutral civilization.

Climate Change says we have to do it in 20.

The reality is, we haven't made progress because change is not a priority for comfortable people. They say... 

"If you start now, maybe your vision will be realized in a few generations..."

But we don't have a few generations.

The longer it takes us to change, the less likely our chances of staving off extinction. 


The good news is, we have all the technological knowledge we need to build a global energy-neutral infrastructure in about 20 years

The bad news is, we won’t be able to do that without the socio-political institutions to coordinate technological advancement. 



That’s where you come in.

Because the Obstacles Can Be Overcome...

Until now, change has been hard, but not for the reasons you think. The hardest part of changing the world is overcoming our beliefs.


Things like:

There's so much wrong we can't fix everything fast enough.

This belief primes us to
  • Settle for incremental plans and half measures that add up to short-term relief without long-term sustainable solutions
  • Settle for uninvested professional politicians and companies who leverage our trust for their personal gain
  • Settle for institutional compromises that depend on maintaining constructs of marginalization and leave us all vulnerable
  • Feeling so overwhelmed by the disappointment and lack of progressthat we shut down and give up completely

Focusing On the World's Problems Will Make Me Unhappy

This belief primes us to
  • Equate working for solutions with focusing on the problem, but progress demands we focus on the positive and how to get more
  • Rob ourselves of joy by feeling guilty when we don't feel affected by the negative, making us more susceptible to mental health crises and endangering our mission
  • Feel powerless beneath the weight of what's wrong, when we should feel invigorated by the celebration of our own achievements and those of our community

You have to fight for change.


This belief primes us to
  • Allow confrontation to become the work that overshadows the real to-do list
  • Misdirect our focus, resources, and energy, leaving our purpose starved for all of the above
  • Misidentify distraction tactics as legitimately deserving our attention and response
  • Leave us tired, unhinged, and mired in confusion and self-doubt

You need a lot of money and power to create lasting change

Actually, this one is true.
Yes, you do need money and power centralized in an accessible space to create lasting systemic change. 
But, that doesn't mean it all has to come from you. There is power in numbers. 
That's why building a community dedicated and focused on forging an equitable future for everyone is so powerful!

Power isn't in the pocket, it's in the PEOPLE

Through Us,

Change Happens Now!

In 2000 days, the world will look completely different.
As a member, you can help determine what that means.

And you'll have an excellent guide!

Meet Your Host

Mina Raver

Life-long Activist and Organizer

My door-knocking days began in 5th grade, when I went door-to-door in my neighborhood in the SW San Antonio projects to rally my community to the polls for an important vote on Climate Change. Since then I've marched and organized for human rights, water safety, economic equity, and peace.

State and Congressional Candidate

When protest didn't work, I took the podium trying to win a seat at the table myself. Cranky and 8 months pregnant, I was shocked when asked to run for legislature. I was even more shocked 2 years later when asked to run for Congress. I brought the heart; brought the proof; brought the numbers.


Movement Business Builder

I started my first business in elementary school, selling origami frogs and fortune tellers to my classmates until I'd saved enough for a lawn mower. So in 2017, when I had to make a choice about my future, I knew I wanted to combine my love of business with my sense of purpose.

 As Seen On 

My Business Service Clients Weren't Just Successful, They Were Powerful!

They Came with Ideas.

They Left with Movements.

Nurses, educators, politicians, therapists - they all had one thing in common: they believed in their soul that more was possible.

Watching them made me wonder how much more is possible if we all come together? How much more could we accomplish if we based our world-changing work from the same space, all part of the same community, all able to validate, build, and grow from each other? 


After all, isn't that what it took to get us here? Isn't that exactly what a company is? Isn't that exactly what government is? A group of people coming together to put their unique contribution toward a single outcome? 


What if that outcome were equity? What if we came together as a community, each putting our unique contribution, our individual soul mission, toward a common goal? 


Why, we could change the world.

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